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We supply translations in the following language combinations:

French to Dutch

Dutch to French

English to Dutch

Dutch to English

French to English

English to French


We specialize in:

  • Technical translations (all language combinations mentioned above)
    Within the technical domain most knowledge and experience has been built up in:

    • Mechanical engineering
      including hydraulics, production techniques, welding etc.

    • Offshore techniques and applications

As mostly integrated systems are concerned combining several domains, considerable knowledge and experience has been acquired in other domains such as electrical and software engineering.

  • Legal translation (English to Dutch / Dutch to English)

  • Commercial translations (French to Dutch / Dutch to French)
    Everything concerning trade and commercial correspondence. An extensive practical experience is available in this domain. This concerns also interpreting and handling telephone communication and commercial correspondence. Very familiar with French customs and tradition and good commercial contacts in and with France.

  • Translations in the realm of tourism (French-Dutch-French)
    Very large experience, acquired during years of professional activity in the French tourist trade (aviation, hiring of cars etc.)